By Martin Holoubek
25. November 2018

Creative and novel.

This year we were able to see how design can be clear and stylish, but at the same time intense in color and dynamic. 2019 picks up already existing trends and brings them to a new level of creativity and aesthetics with refinements & expansions. Flat design gets more depth, while minimalism remains very hip. 3D designs provide more amazement, duotones and color gradients bring more color variety into the design and illustrations are kept natural and true to reality. We look forward to creative and unique visual masterpieces and will give you an insight into the future of design in the following article.

Semi Flat Design

For a few years, the design style Flat Design has dominated the modern design world. The style is characterized by clear & flat design elements, simple color compositions and simple shapes, graphics and images are only selectively used and minimalism is capitalized. An extension of the flat design is the semi-flat design, which very specifically integrates shades and blur effects. We assume that Semi Flat Design will be even more visible next year.


Minimalist and timeless design enjoys great popularity in the design world as it brings several benefits on multiple pages. In the present day, more and more information is being distributed in the world, so there is a veritable flood of information. As a result, the attention span is always lower and the essential information must be communicated to the customer in a targeted and compact manner. In addition, simple and clear designs are attractive to the human eye and therefore stay in the memory longer – less is more.


Responsive & Variable Logos

In a time when there are more and more different media for the presentation of different content, content must be presented accordingly adapted. Therefore, companies now design their logos responsive and variable – that means optimal for every media or device type and specifically for different target groups.

Responsive Logos

Simple, geometric shapes

Along with flat design and minimalism, simple geometric shapes are more commonly used as design and layout elements, as well as logos, for even easier memorization.

3D-Design & Type

On the one hand, there is little depth in today’s designs, but the trend of three-dimensional designs and typographies is very strong. This gives you more depth and dimension in the design, it combines exceptionally well with 3D animations and it gives the user a new, more spectacular way of user experience.

3D Design
3D Design (Behance)
3D Typography
3D-Typografie (Behance)

Asymmetrical Designs

While we have seen symmetrical and mostly grid-like layouts in recent years, the trend is towards asymmetrical designs. The focus here is that elements do not end flush as before, but protrude or overlap and also float. In addition, layout elements can also be differently shaped, such as elements with oblique edges. Definitely a trend that will be even more pronounced in 2019.

Asymmetric layouts

Duotone & Color Gradients

A fresh wind comes into the world of colors. Simple color compositions and stylish picture elements continue to be popular, but Duotone prints – also called duplex printing, in which an image is overlaid with a second color – lend a certain oomph and harmonious color gradients bring more dynamism, freshness and brilliance into the designs of tomorrow. A trained eye and a degree of color theory expertise is required for the final result to have an effect that remains.

Duotone images
Apple Music

Art déco

Art Deco is a historic style that has been used in many different creative fields. Characteristic of the Art Deco is the stylized and flat representation of natural motifs with saturated hues and a rough, material-like surface, the lack of naturalness and shadows, however, convey the modern and often striking impression of the art of this era.

Open Compositions

Frames and boundaries were yesterday, openness and boundlessness will come tomorrow. The point here is that design elements are not displayed as completely visible in a frame / container, but go beyond the boundaries and thus can only partially be visible. For example, photos do not need to be scaled within the container, only a selected section is displayed.

Open compositions

Individual Illustrations

You can also feel design. Well-known design elements and illustrations are supplemented by individually designed, novel illustrations that are adapted to the company or the project, whereby the focus is placed on the emphasis on values ​​and materials – design can thus convey tangible values.

Martin Holoubek

Martin Holoubek

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