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12. May 2020

In times of Facebook and Instagram it may sound a bit outdated, but newsletter marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience. Although Facebook and Instagram make it possible to reach a larger audience, social media is not a sustainable way to succeed.

Social media platforms come and go and all the hard work of a company can quickly become obsolete if the platform loses its users. Similar to what happened with MySpace and Google+. But you keep your customers’ email addresses forever, so your connection to your target audience doesn’t depend on a third party.

In addition, trust in social media platforms is declining, especially in this day and age, which certainly has a negative impact on companies that use social networks to communicate. Therefore, we would like to show you in this article which tools you need to achieve sustainable success through newsletter marketing.

Which tools are worth their money?

Newsletter marketing is a very complex topic that requires a lot of analysis and work to achieve success. However, there are some tools that can support you in your work.

Newsletter Marketing


The first tool we would like to introduce to you is also the most popular in Germany when it comes to newsletter marketing. More than 190,000 customers worldwide rely on CleverReach for the communication with their target group. This trust is certainly not for nothing.

The tool offers you numerous functions, which will make it much easier for you to address your target group. For example, you can use ready-made newsletter templates, which will lead to more resonance with your customers. In addition, you can sort the e-mail addresses of your customers and divide them into specific groups with tags to address them specifically.

Of course, the platform has many more features, such as social media integration, fully automated email and privacy tools to ensure that you comply with all privacy laws. Especially convincing is CleverReach’s low price, which makes the platform also suitable for small businesses.

CleverReach Newsletter Marketing


GetResponse is a tool that is used by over 350,000 customers worldwide and reaches over 1 billion contacts per month. GetResponse offers the same basic functions as e-mail tagging and analysis, but it has two features that set the tool apart from the competition.

Feature number one allows you to create landing pages through GetResponse, which allows you to build an effective conversion tunnel. The funnel allows you to significantly improve your conversion rate, making your newsletter marketing much more effective.

The second function allows you to create a webinar. A webinar is a live event that your customers can attend to get in touch with you or your company. In a webinar you can answer all your customers’ questions live and represent your company. Through such a live event you can significantly strengthen the trust in your company.

GetResponse Newsletter Marketing


In order to achieve sustainable success, you need to achieve a high degree of effectiveness and therefore automation. All tools presented so far offer you possibilities to automate the sending of your e-mails, but none of the platforms has focused on this aspect. Therefore, we would like to introduce ActiveCampaign to you.

This tool focuses on the automation of newsletter campaigns. In contrast to the other platforms, you don’t make fixed presets, but give the tool a framework in which it can act. The tool then tries to achieve the best conversion rate by automatically analyzing your target group.

If you can’t afford to invest a lot of time in your newsletter marketing, a tool like ActiveCampaign is a very welcome help.

ActiveCampaign Newsletter Marketing


Sendinblue is a French company which, after the rebranding of Newsletter2Go to its current name, is now focused on offering its users a platform that is as individual as possible. This means that with Sendinblue you can personalise your emails to a high degree, so that you stand out from the mass of advertising messages and offer your customers something new and exciting.

It also gives you a great system for analysing the performance of your emails, so you can see the impact of your personalisation immediately. This allows you to adapt the design of your email perfectly to the different target groups. Sendinblue has a very fair pricing model so that small businesses can use the platform without breaking their budget.

Sendinblue Newsletter Marketing


The last platform we want to introduce to you is Click-Tip. The tool supports companies that need very accurate targeting. Although there are so-called tag functions in the other tools presented, this feature is much more advanced in Klick-Tipp.

Tagging allows you to mark certain users with a tag that moves the person into a certain group. For example, a group could be “prospects” or “existing customers”. With the help of these tags you can send the best advertising message to exactly the right recipients.

The tool even has the ability to automatically assign tags to website visitors based on the actions they have taken on the website. For example, if a visitor adds a product to the shopping cart but doesn’t complete the purchase, the user will receive a specific tag, which will send a message reminding them to complete the purchase. In this way you can create a very effective automation with the tags, which allows you to address people in your target group individually. 

Klick-Tipp Newsletter Marketing


One of the best ways to achieve sustainable success is to use newsletter marketing, because this way you are not dependent on a third party. However, if you want to break away from platforms like Facebook and Instagram, you should use tools to replace the features of those platforms.

In this article we have introduced you to some tools that you can use to manage your newsletter campaigns. Depending on your goals, one tool may be more suitable for you than the other. Therefore, you should know the goal of your newsletter campaign before you decide to use one of the tools.

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